meet the girls

Ella Serenity

Ella Serenity

Just known as Ella.

Her favourite colours are blue, green and brown.
She is quiet, a bit of a tomboy and has a very kind heart. She loves my brothers Thomas trains and Nature.
She often wears her clothes backwards for a different look and likes Casual Retro styles and things with a touch of whimsy or Kawaii. She prefers to wear garments that are handmade at home.

Ella was my mums first girl and is a Prima Dolly Aubrey purchased new NRFB.
Her Birthday is Oct 4th.

Mum lightly sand matted Ella's face in Dec 2011 and gave her freckles.

Katie Jones Blythe.

Katie Jones

formerly known as Charlotte.

Her favourite colours are Pink, Brown and Turquoise.
She is kind and likes walking in pretty gardens where she looks for adventure.
She likes to wear fancy clothes and dresses.
She is interested in making new Blythe Friends

Katie is my First Girl and is a Simply Chocolate purchased new NRFB.
Her Birthday is Oct 12th.
Mum Sand matted Katie and gave her freckles in Dec 2011


Known as Koko ( mainly because no one can remember Nariko )

Her favourite colours are black and most Brights.
She is effortlessly stylish, elegant and classy.
A bit aloof, but mainly gentle and sweet.
She likes relaxing at home and enjoys reading, her best friend is Ella. Koko prefers to wear pants and knitwear but is certainly not adverse to wearing a pretty dress in a bold colour or unusual print.

Koko is Mum's Second girl and a Punkaholic People.
Purchased NRFB
Her Birthday is October 18th.


Previously named Cosette
Won on Ebay. Mum is her second owner not counting her creator.

Grace is pretty, confidant and Bubbly, she likes to wear things that are a little more tailored and slightly eclectic or different. Designer one off items work well for her. :)

Grace is my Mums 3rd girl and is a OOAK Custom by Ragazza - Blythe studio ( Petite Wanderlings)
Arrived Oct 28th with matted hair which Mum worked out restyled and cut.

Molly Smith

Molly Smith 

Previously known only as Smith, Mum added Molly to her name and she is known by both :)

Smith is the quintessential girl next door. A bit of a Tom Boy, prettier then she knows, totally happy in her own skin, easy to get along with and everyone's Best Friend.

She likes Orange, Blue and Brown. Soft Vintage fabrics suit her well!

Smith is Mums 4th Girl she is a Simply Mango. adopted through WPWD from Amy.
She arrived on the 28th Nov. and came with a full wardrobe and lots of re-ment. She was Slightly customised already and arrived with one set of eye chips missing, one set changed a hair cut and slightly matted face.


Petite is my LPS Blythe and she is very naughty.Her fav colours blue,pink,and gold. Her brithday is 25.12.11.

Some times she likes looking in Katies wardrobe hee hee hee hee.